Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yellow Flag Alert

Yellow Flag Mud Alert Issued

The City of Sierra Madre issued a Yellow Flag Mud Alert for Sierra Madre residences in potential mud flow areas. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has issued a Phase 1 mudflow forecast for the Santa Anita Fire burn areas.

It is recommended that residents in the following areas prepare for potential mudflow deposition on: Auburn Avenue east of Auburn Debris Basin; the development under construction north of Carter Avenue; Carter Avenue between the development and Mira Monte Avenue; Mt. Wilson Trail near Mira Monte Avenue; Churchill Road near Skyland Drive; Skyland Drive; streets below Sierra Madre Debris Dam (Sumac Trail, Brookside Lane, Woodland Drive); Yucca Trail; Lotus Lane, above Camillo Street and Sturtevant Debris Basin; Sunrise Hill Lane; Santa Anita Canyon Road above Lannan Debris Basin.

Affected residents should prepare to leave their homes and may choose to voluntarily evacuate. Please note that all vehicles must be off the streets in potential mudflow areas during Yellow Flag alerts. Overnight parking restrictions will be lifted through out the City of Sierra Madre during Yellow & Red Flag Alerts.

Should there be mud flow the City of Sierra Madre Public Works Department will work hard to clean the streets of any potential debris and mud as soon as possible.

Additional information on how to protect your home can be found on the City’s website, www.cityofsierramadre.com.