Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Heavy Rainfall in the Forecast

The City of Sierra Madre spoke this morning with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works who is expecting a Phase 1, possibly a Phase 2 mudflow prediction for Christmas Eve. LACDPW will not actually make the forecast until the National Weather Service provides a more accurate rainfall estimate for the area.

Currently the rainfall range is 2-3 inches tomorrow, 12/24 through Thursday, 12/25. In the case of mud and/or debris flow the City will clean up the streets as soon as possible once the rain stops and it is safe for crews to enter the mud areas. This may mean that clean-up efforts may not begin until after the holiday.

The City urges all residents in the potential mud flow areas to be prepared for heavy rains and to stay tuned to the City alerts via email, flags, electronic billboards, the City website at www.cityofsierramadre.com and the Emergency blog at http://www.sierramadrepio.blogspot.com.

In the mean time the City of Sierra Madre wishes you and your family safe and happy holidays.