Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sierra Madre Issues Red Flag Alert

The City of Sierra Madre issued a Red Flag Mud Alert for Sierra Madre residences in potential mud flow areas. The Los Angels County Public Works Department issued a Phase 2 Mud Alert at 8:16 this morning. A Phase 2 Alert indicates the potential for moderate mud flow in affected areas. The National Weather Service is forecasting an 80% chance of rain in Sierra Madre today and a 90% chance this evening, December 24, 2008. The National Weather Service has also issued a Flash Flood Watch for the area beginning at 4:00 PM and continuing through Thursday morning. Heavy rainfall is predicted to begin at 4:00PM today (Wednesday) and continue through 4:00AM Christmas morning with lower chance of rain to clear by Friday morning. The predicted storm total is 2.9 inches or more.

It is recommended that residents in the following areas prepare for potential moderate mudflow deposition on: Auburn Avenue east of Auburn Debris Basin; the development under construction north of Carter Avenue; Carter Avenue between the development and Mira Monte Avenue; Mt. Wilson Trail near Mira Monte Avenue; Churchill Road near Skyland Drive; Skyland Drive; streets below Sierra Madre Debris Dam (Sumac Trail, Brookside Lane, Woodland Drive); Yucca Trail; Lotus Lane, above Camillo Street and Sturtevant Debris Basin; Sunrise Hill Lane; Santa Anita Canyon Road above Lannan Debris Basin.

Should mudflow occur, the Sierra Madre Public Works Department will begin cleanup activities on Friday, December 26, and the first priority will be to get the streets open.

The barrier across Brookside Lane and Woodland Drive will be set in place by 3:00pm today. Vehicular access Upper Brookside Lane and Upper Woodland Drive will be closed.

Voluntary evacuations are recommended for the mud flow areas at this time. There will be no evacuation center opened until such a time as evacuations become mandatory.

Bailey Canyon and Mt. Wilson Trail are closed. Chantry Drive may be closed when rains become heavy.

Sand and bags are available at the City Yards and will be available at Mary’s Market as soon as possible.

A Red Flag Alert also restricts parking on streets in the Upper and Lower Canyon. Affected streets are Mount Wilson Trail, Churchill Rd., Skyland Dr., Fern Glen, Fern Dr., Idlehour Ln., Canyon Crest Dr., Orange Dr., Woodland Dr., Brookside Lane, Sunnyside Lane, Yucca Trail, Elm Ave, Sturtevant Dr. and Holly Trail. Vehicles left on the street may be towed at the owner’s expense.

The City of Sierra Madre apologizes for these inconveniences during the Holiday. It is our sincere hope that our residents will be able to enjoy a warm, festive and safe evening.

by James