Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sierra Madre moves to Green Flag Alert

The City of Sierra Madre has moved to a Green Flag Alert for mudslides and debris flows in the hillside communities.

Mandatory Evacuation orders have been lifted for all areas in the City of Sierra Madre.

City officials are closely watching local rain forecasts. The National Weather Service has posted an 80% chance of rain for this evening (Saturday, 1/6/2010).

A Green Flag Alert is issued when there is an 80% chance or more of precipitation. Affected residents should get ready for potential evacuation and keep close watch on weather forecasts.

There still the possibility of hazards as streets may become flooded or blocked by debris with the intermittent storm cells that may pass over the area this evening.

Parking restrictions have been lifted for the Upper and Lower Canyon.Sandbags are available at the City Yards. Residents must fill and transport their own bags.

Bailey Canyon Park, Mt. Wilson Trail, and Chantry Road will remain closed until further notice.

For more information about mudslide and debris flow preparations, please visit and click “Emergency Preparedness Links” and “Ready for 7” on the home page. Updates will also be issued on SMTV3 (Time Warner-channel 3) and the City’s Emergency Blog (