Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City of Sierra Madre - Important Weather Information

12/29/2010 9:00am
City of Sierra Madre – Important Weather Information

Green Flag Alert

The City of Sierra Madre has issued a Green Flag Alert for mudslides and debris flows in the hillside communities on Tuesday, December 28th. The National Weather Service has forecasted 100% chance of precipitation for today and the Green Flag Alert remains in effect until further notice. Affected residents should get “READY” for potential evacuation. This includes keeping a close watch on weather forecasts. Should the County of Los Angeles Public Works Department issue a “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” mudflow forecast, the City will issue a Yellow Flag or Red Flag alert and this will include parking restrictions in the upper and lower canyon areas and may also include evacuation orders.

For more information about debris flow preparations, please visit and click “Emergency Preparedness Information” on the home page.

High Wind Warning

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for the San Gabriel Valley. This warning will be in effect from 3:00pm this afternoon until noon tomorrow. Damaging winds are expected mainly in and near the foothills. Potential impacts: With the soil loosened by recent heavy rains, trees will be more easily uprooted by the strong winds. The very strong winds will be capable of producing downed power lines and causing power outages.

Stay clear of all downed lines and report any hazards to the Sierra Madre Police Department.

Sierra Madre Police Department: 626-355-1414 (911 for emergencies).

Updates will be issued on SMTV3 (Time Warner-channel 3), Sierra Madre Community Radio (AM 1630), and the City’s Emergency Blog (