Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sierra Madre Station Fire Update 9-8-2009

Sierra Madre, CA September 8, 2009, 12:00 p.m. – City Preparations Update

Today’s fire briefing indicated that there was little change from recent informational updates for the Sierra Madre area.

The Sierra Madre Fire Department and City Officials continue to closely monitor the Station Fire. There is still no imminent danger to Sierra Madre residents and no evacuation orders have been issued. The Station Fire continues to be a slow-moving, terrain-driven fire that is currently 56% contained and has burned 160,357 acres.

Controlled fire operations have yet to occur in the Mt. Wilson and eastern areas. However, they may be conducted along these lines within the next 24 hours, depending on the weather and safety of the situation. Residents in the foothill communities will notice additional smoke columns and possibly a small amount of flame, depending on the locations.

The fire continues to move through heavy fuels, timber trees, and thick brush within the San Gabriel Wilderness Areas. This area has no historical record of burning and heavy smoke columns are again expected for the next few days. Current weather patterns continue to work to the advantage of the firefighting activities. This weather has shown to reduce some of the smoke in the valley areas; however the heavy brush may produce Pyrocumulus clouds, especially in the afternoons.

In compliance with an order from the US Forest Service and the LA County Sheriff Department, the City is closing until further notice Bailey Canyon, Mt. Wilson Trail and Santa Anita Canyon Road to Chantry Flats. These closures will be closely monitored and strictly enforced.

For more information, please tune into SMTV3, channel 3 on Time Warner Cable, or www.sierramadrepio.blogspot.com. eBlasts will also be sent out to registered users – to register for email alerts please visit www.cityofsierramadre.com, click on AccessSierraMadre, and then click CommunicationLink to register your email address.

The US Forest Service has set up a Public Information Hotline dedicated to the Station Fire in Angeles National Forest. The number is 626-821-6700 and will be staffed with live persons, 24 hours a day until further notice.