Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prepare for Winter Rains and Mudslides NOW


We are all thankful that the wildfire of April 2008 did not result in the loss of life or property for Sierra Madre residents, and grateful for the fine efforts of the firefighters and law enforcement officers that served to protect Sierra Madreans. They all worked together to get the City through the first phase of the classic one-two punch of California wildfires.

Phase two of the Santa Anita Fire will be the mudslides that could be upon us when the rainy season begins. The City’s Public Works Department is working with Los Angeles County Public Works (LACDPW) to prepare the community. Staff from LACDPW are visiting Sierra Madre residents in areas that will be effected by the mudslide potential. The purpose of these visits is to educate our residents and provide information critical for residents’ use in protecting themselves and minimizing mudslide damage to their properties.

Once the rainy season begins, the City’s limited resources will be hard-pressed to meet the demands of widespread mudslide events in the community. Thus, it is important that residents adjacent to the burn areas begin to protect their properties now. Information helpful to property owners is available at:


Persons of able body who do not live in areas susceptible to mud flow may volunteer in advance to assist in sandbagging and other emergency relief efforts this winter, by contacting Public Works staff members James Carlson or Suzi McConnell at 626.355.7135.

Please monitor the City’s website (cityofsierramadre.com) and SMTV Channel 3 for further information as we approach the rainy season.